Special Edition

Our line of Special Edition kits will consist of unique vehicles and structures. These kits will have more details such as decals or interior fittings than are found in our regular line.


Streamlined Beer Truck Circa 1947

Includes decals and etched stainless details





1929-48 DIVCO-Twin Coach Delivery Truck

Includes decals for HELMS Bakery


SE-02  HO Scale  $18.95

SE-03 O Scale $42.95

SE-04 HO Scale Good Humor Ice Cream Truck


SE-05 HO Scale  1950-68 White 3000 Airport Refueler


SE-06 HO Scale  1937 FitzJohn stretched Chevy bus



TH&B 1951 Chrysler Inspection Car #1

Kit #SE-07   $19.95   


1946 Murty Bros. Truck Engineering

Low Bed Rigger's Dock Truck

Kit #SE-08   $24.95