Most manufacturers or resin kits use a mould release agent to allow the resin castings to release better from the rubber mould.   This decreases breakage of parts, and greatly increases the number of parts that may be made from a mould.  Both of these factors help to keep costs significantly lower.
    Mould release does, however, prevent paint from adhering well to the parts.  For this reason, castings must be cleaned to remove the mould release agent.  Soap and water alone will not remove most release agents.
    The best product to remove our release agent is our own ResinPrep, available only through our dealers.  Floquil's Diosol will also remove our mould release agent, but please be sure to read the safety precautions and warnings on the label.
    Both of these products should be successful in removing other manufacturer's mould release agents from their kit parts, but please check with the manufacturer.
    Pour a small amount of ResinPrep in a glass or non-styrene container, and then carefully and gently scrub all castings.  A soft toothbrush works well for cleaning larger parts.  Tiny parts may be allowed to soak in the cleaner for a brief time.
    Do not clean any styrene parts that may be included with the kit, such as strip styrene, Tichy steps, ladders, and other Tichy or Grandt Line parts.   ResinPrep or DioSol will dissolve styrene.
    Using a container in which to clean the kit parts reduces the amount of cleaner required, as well as lessening the chances of losing a part down the drain.
    After all parts have been cleaned with the ResinPrep, carefully rinse the parts with lukewarm (not hot) water.  A sieve is great to hold tiny parts so they are not rinsed away.  The ResinPrep will turn a milky colour when it comes in contact with water.  Ensure all parts are well rinsed, and allow to air dry.