Painting resin kits requires different preparation and techniques than styrene kits.
    As stated previously, all parts must have the mould release removed with ResinPrep or DioSol prior to painting.  Cleaning the parts before assembly ensures you will not accidentally get the cleaner on any styrene parts (steps, etc.).
    If removing the mould release agent step is omitted , the paint will not adhere properly to the kit.
    Do not assume that a soap and water wash is good enough--it isn't!  Be sure to use one of the recommended mould release agents, unless the manufacturer's instructions indicate soap and water is sufficient to remove their mould release.  Soap and water will not remove the mould release agent on our Sylvan Scale Models' kits.
    The completed kit may be carefully washed with lukewarm water and mild soap to remove oils and dirt from handling during construction.  Allow to air dry.
    Lacquer based paints provide the best adhesion to resin, however water based acrylic paints will also give excellent results with careful preparation.
    When painting a multiple colour paint scheme where masking is required, be sure to "desticky" the masking tape before using it, and carefully and gently remove the masking tape as soon as possible.
    If you have difficulties with a particular brand of paint, contact the manufacturer of the paint for their suggestions on how to best use their product on resin.