Alexander Rudin, Germany
Railway Tug Boat (N-2027)

Modeller says:

     2 friends and myself constructed  about 3 years ago the N scale modular layout. The modules are build according to the OneTrak norm from the NTRAK organisation. The layout is showing  part of northern BC/CAN and is named "Dease Lake & Northern" - DL & N. Attraction is the barge traffic over Dease Lake with real water. The barge carriyng the railroad cars floats with the tug boat together from one side of the lake to the other in about 3 minutes cruising time. Both ends have landing docks where the railroad cars are loaded and unloaded for the next trip.  The barge is pulled by an invisible fishing line and the tug is conected to the barge with a pin but is free floating. The pin is the turning point for the tug and the tug has a large rudder blade at the stern. By pulling the barge in either direction the tug is swiveling by it self around. I also have a sound modul installed under the lake with the diesel engine sound.  When you increase the speed of the electric motor which drives the pulleys for the fishing line (to pull the barge) the diesel engine rpm (speed) is increasing to.  Floating of the tug is made with a piece of foam clued to the bottom of the tug. Ballast is a lead keel.
     We have showed this layout with different set ups until today on 3 shows (2 times in Switzerland at the US Convention and one time in Germany) and the visitors have been very impressed about the realistic ferry traffic and the possibilities in N scale.

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