1/87 Scale (HO-Scale) Ships


   HO-1123 282' Modern Container Ship

based on the Manchester Mercurio / Machester Rapido 

built in 1971 in Gijon, Spain

Also available in N Scale


HO-1008 81' Coal Barge                                                                                HO-1018 16' Canoes 3/PK



HO-1025 81' Great Lakes Steam Tug                  HO-1026 81' Great Lakes Diesel Tug                       HO-1027 81' Railroad Tug



HO-1050 260' Great Lakes Freighter           HO-1082 260' Laker Class Tramp Steamer          HO-1115 152' Great Lakes Lumber Ship

                                                                                                                                                                              "Langell Boys"



    HO-1121 152' West Coast Lumber Ship           HO-1065 Channel Buoys 2/PK          THE FISH TUG IS BACK IN PRODUCTION   

                      "Tiverton"                                                                                                                 HO-1124 55' Great Lakes Fish Tug



HO-1125 81' Great Lakes Diesel Motor Ship  

   "White Swan" built in Manitowoc, WI 1922. Sunk in Lake Michigan 1956