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Modeling CNR's Express Refrigerator Cars in HO Scale

Sylvan Scale Models HO Pickup Truck

Magazine Reviews

Fruehauf Dura Van trailers: HO scale
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 2006 page 103 ("MESSER, DAVE)

White model 4000 truck
Railroad Model Craftsman, April 2004 page 99 (GOSLETT, KEN)

CNR double-door automobile boxcar
Railroad Model Craftsman, July 2003 page 98 (RIDDELL, JOHN)

IPD, Railbox, and Other Cars from the Box Car Boom of the Seventies (NSC Cars from Sylvan Scale Models kits)
Railmodel Journal, August 2002 page 9 (EAGER, JIM)

CN 40-foot all-steel box cars from Accurail, Des Plaines and Sylvan Scale Models kits
Railmodel Journal, October 2000, January and March 2001 (SWAIN, STAFFORD)

Sylvan's HO CN wood boxcar
Model Railroader, May 2000 page 18 (MCGUIRK, MARTY)

Sylvan N-2027 Tugboat
Model Railroading, January/February 2000 page 17 (FAHIE, ART)

Sylvan's great Great Lakes freighter
Model Railroader, August 1999 page 42 (SEBASTIAN, GEORGE)

CNR wood-sheathed caboose: HO scale
Railroad Model Craftsman, March 1998 page 111 (CHRYSLER, RICH)

Freight shed and trackside buildings: N and HO scales
Railroad Model Craftsman, October 1997 page 96 (TURNER, ROBERT)

HO section house
Model Railroader, October 1997 page 40 (M., M.)

CN 40-foot single-sheathed boxcar
Model Railroader